10 Interior Trends you Need to Know About in 2019

New years always bring new trends when it comes to interiors. While some trends are designed to stand the test of time, others come and go.

So, whether you’re planning to overhaul your home with a fresh new look, or just want to mix things up a little, we’ve put together the following round-up of interior trends to help inspire you.


1. Mindful colours

Every year seems to bring with it a new statement shade. Last year was all about vibrant reds, petrol blues and modern metallics. This year, there’s going to be more of a ‘mindful, lifestyle-based’ approach to colour, according to Elle Decor. Hunter green will feature heavily, along with earthy, woodland shades.


Image courtesy of ayonel.me


2. Eco friendly

As consumers, we have become much more environmentally conscious over the past few years, which has affected our buying decisions. This is therefore having a knock on effect when it comes to interiors as people are increasingly opting for repurposed materials and furniture.

From recycled plastics to upcycled metals, it’s a trend that is sweeping the interiors market. We too have taken an eco friendly approach when creating our Harbour Range which is handcrafted using wood from old ships in India.


3. Bold plants

It’s no secret that house plants are well and truly in. For the past few years now, they have featured heavily when it comes to interior trends. However, in 2019, it’s all about being bold. We’re talking about large feature plants such as dragon trees, palm trees and banana leaf plants. 

They make a statement and can really transform a space. Just be sure to take into account the plant’s care tips as the amount of sunlight it needs will likely dictate its spot in your home.   

Image Courtesy of Leon and George



4. Statement ceilings

Maybe an area of the house you never really consider, however, 2019 is set to be the year we give them some attention! Now dubbed as the ‘fifth wall’, it’s predicted that we’ll see some pretty impressive statement ceilings.

From 3D designs and flamboyant wallpaper to bold colours, think about the look that would suit your room best. If your space is small, steer clear of darker shades and vibrant wallpaper to avoid making the room appear smaller.


5. Nordic Vibes

Scandi style is nothing new. In fact, it’s been a popular interior design choice for many over the past few years. However, 2019, is set to see this trend gain even more popularity.

This year, the minimalist trend will be paired up with textiles and accessories to add a personal flair. Think chunky knit blankets, textured throws and homely rugs.


6. Velvet

Once synonymous with infamous 1970s fashion, this luscious textile is now proving to be a real hit in the home. According to Livingetc, searches for ‘velvet’ have increased by over 400% in the last six months, making it the most searched for fabric online.

Whether you opt for curtains, a sofa or a velvet bed, this fabric can make a real statement in your home.

Image courtesy of the Evening Standard


7. Brass taps

Adding a statement finishing touch, brass taps are set to be a popular bathroom feature this year. Whether you opt for a modern, concrete themed look or a more traditional, elegant theme, brass taps work with pretty much every interior style. 


8. Floral

This 2019 is set to be the year of floral fabrics and wallpaper. From intricate feminine designs to bold, statement patterns. You can incorporate this trend by adding a feature wall in your bedroom or by opting for floral throws and blankets to add vibrancy to neutral decor.


9. Bold backsplashes

This is a great way to add character to your kitchen. Instead of plain colours, like white or cream, people are increasingly opting for detailed tiles to add more of a wow factor. Think about the key colours in your kitchen and try to find tiles which include those colours in their design.

Image courtesy of JRoots.me


10. Light coloured floors

In 2019, it’s predicted that people will shift away from darker woods and go for lighter coloured flooring options. This is a great way to make rooms seem larger and more open. From light natural wood tones to greys and whites – it’s all about brightening your floors.


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Made With Oak Team

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