7 of the Internet’s Viral Cleaning Hacks you Need to Know About

Over the past three years, cleaning has taken social media by storm. New hacks, hauls, products and tips are constantly trending with many people taking to the rubber gloves not just to keep their homes spic and span but also to clear some headspace. 

Whether you’re into cleaning or just do it because it needs to be done, a few hacks can make the world of difference. So, we’ve taken a look online and found 7 of the post popular cleaning hacks you need to know about. 

1. Removing mold from the bath and shower 

This is an age old cleaning problem – how to get that unsightly mould up from the bathroom sealant without scrubbing? There is a way! One woman online revealed that she did the job for just £2 by soaking some cotton wool in household bleach and placing it on top of the mold overnight. This process eliminated the mold and her shower was good as new! Here’s the details

2. Clean a rusty skillet pan with a potato 

Removing stubborn stains from pans is never fun. This internet hack claims to have your pans back to their former glory with just a potato, some coarse salt and olive oil. Find the details here.

3. Homemade Toilet Cleaning Bombs

Scrubbing the toilet is always the most unpopular task on the to do list, but these homemade toilet bombs help do the dirty work for you! Made with three household ingredients, they fizz away in the toilet bowl, cleaning and deodorising. Find the instructions and ingredients here

4. Clean and deodorise your microwave 

With daily use, it’s little wonder that microwaves become a breeding ground for nasty odours. Food splats are also difficult to clean, but this handy hack takes the hassle away with all natural ingredients (so no nasty bleaches contaminate your food). All you need is some lemons, apple cider vinegar, water, a microwavable container and a measuring cup. Find the instructions here

5. The chopping board hack 

They easily pick up smells from chopping the likes of onion and garlic and sometimes a good scrub with a sponge and fairy liquid just doesn’t cut it! This hack just requires some salt and a lemon to scrub down the surface of your chopping board, et voila! 

6. Clean your drains the natural way

Whilst drain cleaners are effective, they are abrasive and can release harmful chemicals into the air. For a more natural solution, simply combine household cleaning favourites – baking soda and vinegar. Start by pouring boiling water down your drain, followed by ½ cup of baking soda. Then pour down 1 cup of vinegar and a cup of water. Leave this until the bubbles stop and run the hot water for around a minute to rinse and release any grime. 

7. Home sweet home 

Cleaning guru, Mrs Hinch, has plenty of tips and tricks to get your home smelling fresh. For that sweet smelling welcome, dilute a cap full of Zoflora in a spray bottle with water and spritz your front door mat. This will permeate through and ensure your home has a fresh, welcoming fragrance for guests. 

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