Instagram's Top Interior Trends of 2020

Instagram’s Top Interior Trends of 2020

It’s no longer a secret – we all know that Instagram is a treasure trove of inspiration for design and creativity. You just have to know who to follow and which hashtags to look at, so you can be introduced to the next big thing while simply scrolling through your feed. 

At Made With Oak, we’ve been looking through Instagram to see what the Top Interior Trends of 2020 are so far. With hundreds of thousands of mentions for each idea, the following trends are making major waves in homes across the globe.

So, if you’re looking for something to help spark some ideas and dream up a grand design or two, then you’re in the right place! Carry on reading to see what’s been trending this year.




Forget everything you know about neon signs – they are no longer reserved for hotel vacancy notifications or the ‘40s vegas strip. In fact, neon signs have been making a steady comeback in interior design for the past year and during 2020 they are expected to steal the show. According to the data, #neonsign was used in over 795,000 Instagram posts.


#reclaimedwoodfurniture is another timeless trend with just over 92,000 mentions. Reclaimed wooden furniture is casual but elegant, textured but smooth. It is a beautiful marriage of opposites. Returning to raw, rough materials allows you to embrace the effortless beauty found in nature, whilst still having a practical piece of furniture. If you’re looking for reclaimed wood furniture, take a look at our Harbour range.


With 688,748 posts, you’re not the only one drooling over these intricate and rustic pieces of homemade art. In fact, #macramewallhanging is one of Instagram’s top trending interior design features. These knotted, tasselled pieces that hang from walls, plants and even light fixtures, have become synonymous with beach-chic locations like Bali and Byron Bay. Better still, Macramé, unlike crochet or knitting, does not require any “needles”. You only need your hands to tie knots. So you can easily learn to make your own with just some cotton cord and a branch!


Floating shelves are a sleek, contemporary solution to dress up a blank wall while adding a little extra storage or display space. It’s no wonder why they have 112,880 mentions on Insta! #floatingshelves are affordable and easy to install, and they seamlessly appear to jut out of the wall in a modern, minimalist way. Whether you add floating shelves to your home as wall decor or additional storage, remember that the art is in the display – so make sure that you don’t cram your floating shelves full of unsightly clutter. Keep it sleek.


#moroccanrug has 72,208 posts, which makes it a real 2020 must-have. Cosy, convivial and authentic, a Moroccan rug is a style choice you simply can’t go wrong with. They can be tailored to fit any kind of style, whether it be a sleek-scandi apartment or a free-spirited boho interior. 


A freestanding bathtub can instantly upgrade any bathroom to designer status. These luxury fixtures ooze opulence and splendour – but you may be surprised that nowadays buying one for your bathroom is no longer an unattainable goal. You can have that 5-star hotel luxe feeling for a reasonable price – which is why it’s no wonder this trend has had over 50,000 mentions. 


Even dedicated connoisseurs with fully equipped wine cellars or refrigerators still need an attractive way to keep a few choice bottles within reach, which is probably why #winerack is a trend that has received 163,363 mentions. Wine racks are a great way to save on counter space, show off your collection, and ensure that your precious bottles are stored correctly.

We hope you enjoyed catching up on the biggest interior trends that are storming Instagram right now. If you have any of these trends in your home already – let us know! 

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