5 Tips to Create a Self-Care Sanctuary in your Bathroom

5 Tips to Create a Self-Care Sanctuary in your Bathroom

Bathrooms have always been considered a personal space that enable us to relax, unwind or take time out from our busy day-to-day lifestyles. Now, with the pandemic still lurking, it means that for many of us the office and home have become one, so it can be hard to switch off at the best of times. Therefore, a specified place where we can relax in our homes has become more vital than ever.

But how do you create your own chilled haven, without the spa? Read on for five tips to consider when creating or designing your personal spa and getaway in your very own bathroom.

  1. Clear the clutter and create order

To begin to create the perfect individual self-care sanctuary, you need to create some space. We’ve all got those old half-filled bottles of potions and lotions that haven’t been used for months, but now is the time to sort through them and throw out the ones you don’t use anymore. 

All your favourite toothbrushes, toiletries and any hair accessories can be decanted into coordinating storage jars and pots to give a sense of order and calmness. 

Other unsightly items can be stored in stylish cabinets, such as our Mobel Solid Oak Vanity Unit with a floating sink. This vanity unit comes in different sizes, so you can find one that suits your bathroom, and it will give you plenty of space to store the bulkier items in your bathroom – even those extra loo rolls! 

5 Tips to Create a Self-Care Sanctuary in your Bathroom

Creating the correct ambience is really important to make sure you can mimic that spa-like feeling, and getting the lighting right will take your bathroom from being sub-par to a space of true zen. 

2. Let there be light

To utilise the daylight, try bringing some fancy mirrors into your bathroom to ensure that the sunlight can bounce around and make your bathroom feel light and spacious.

For the evening, you can dot scented candles around your newly de-cluttered bathroom and get a bubble bath on the go for that truly self-indulgent evening that you deserve. If you really want to go all out, getting dimmable lights in your bathroom will allow you to instantly change the mood.

3. Wrap yourself in warm fluffy towels

The luxury of the spa isn’t solely about the massage. Those thick, fluffy towels? That soft, cosy robe? Yes, please! If you haven’t already, now is the time to treat yourself to some brand new super soft towels. 

There are so many different styles and textures to choose from – from waffle textures to super thick, fluffy cotton towels. Choose calming pale, pastel colours to aid in your relaxation. This will mean that the pampering will continue even after your bath as you wrap yourself in a fluffy bath sheet (extra points if you can hang your towel over a radiator or a heated towel rack so it’s warm!).

5 Tips to Create a Self-Care Sanctuary in your Bathroom

4. Set the scene

So now you’ve de-cluttered, added stylish storage, lighting and towels – it’s time to bring in those extras that will really set the scene for your at-home self-care sanctuary. 

If you’re green-fingered, adding some lush, humidity-loving greenery will bring a nature-approved colour pop to your bathroom, and it will improve air quality, too. For those who don’t have time to care for plants, you can fake it with silk or dried flowers (try to make sure you can avoid plastic where possible).

Incorporating different textures and organic colours into your bathroom will help create that true feeling of luxury. Try going for a bamboo bath bat, natural stone tiles, warm coloured walls and wooden bathroom furniture where you are able to.

5 Tips to Create a Self-Care Sanctuary in your Bathroom

5. The finishing touches

You’ve now created that special place that can be used by the whole family; a fun yet calming place for your children’s bath time before bed, a clean clutter-free place to start your day, then best of all a tranquil relaxing area to pamper yourself in the evening. You just need those final finishing touches. 

Run a nice hot bubble bath, put a few drops of essential oil of your choice into the water as it runs to flood the bathroom with your favourite scent, turn on some music (a yoga or meditation playlist will help set that tranquil atmosphere), light some candles, jump in your hot bath, pop a facemask on, rub almond oil or body milk into your skin – then lie back and enjoy! You can even get a glass of bubbles on the go as a truly decadent way to wind-down after a busy day. 

Now all that’s left to do is enjoy your newly created self-care sanctuary! If you have any more ideas, or you have been inspired by ours, please don’t hesitate to let us know on social media.