7 Activities to Entertain the Whole Family Whilst at Home

Many of us across the country are in lockdown due to the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak. Although it is a very strange and worrying time for us all, it doesn’t mean that we can’t try to have fun and be productive whilst we have a little extra time on our hands.

It is amazing what fun things you and your family can do within your own four walls with a little imagination. We have rounded up a list of 7 activities to do to keep the whole family entertained whilst you are stuck at home.

1. Grow Herbs (Outdoors or Indoors)

Gardening is not only good for you physically, studies have shown that 3 hours of gardening can equate to 1 hour in the gym, but it is also an excellent form of stress relief. Plus, you get rewards in the form of beautiful flowers, fresh vegetables or tasty herbs. 

Herbs are fantastic plants to grow as they’re quite hardy and versatile, plus they’re super delicious additions to almost any meal. If your garden is shady, then grow some parsley, chives or mint.

If you don’t have a garden, not to worry, you can still get stuck in growing herbs – basil, oregano, sage and thyme are a good choice for indoor growing. For those with large gardens with lots of sunshine, the world is your oyster in terms of gardening – get out there and enjoy the British summer!

2. Map Your Family Tree

Not being able to see our loved ones is one of the biggest challenges during this time, especially when there is so much worry in the world, but mapping out your family tree will make you feel closer to them. 

Plus, it’s a fantastic activity for your kids to get creative with and also a great excuse to video chat with your relatives to get information and stories from them that you can include.

3. Get into an exercise routine

We are creatures of habit, but making new routines can be hard, especially when they require a lot of our effort. At the moment, all our usual daily routines have gone out of the window, which is confusing and even somewhat frightening. But amongst all this confusion and extra time on our hands, there is a fantastic opportunity to create new healthy habits that we can take with us when our ‘normal’ lives re-commence.

And what better habit to incorporate into your daily routine than exercising? Whether it be in the form of Joe Wick’s morning PE class – which is great for both you and the kids – a daily jog around the estate, a yoga session in your living room or pumping iron in your makeshift gym – if you commit to exercising daily, you could well be forming a permanent habit that will be great for your health.

4. Give Your House a Good Spring Clean

The chances are, like many people across the world, you have probably never had so much spare time in your life, especially if you are on furlough leave.

If you have kids, they’re probably struggling to keep themselves busy too whilst they’re off school. Although giving your home a good ol’ spring clean may sound incredibly dull, you can make it more interesting by throwing on some tunes, setting races between one another to see who can get their room looking spick and span first, or setting clear rewards to get your little ones really engaged. 

If you would like more in-depth cleaning tips, check out our previous blogs The Top 7 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Spring or Mrs Hinch’s Top Cleaning Hacks, to help get you started.

5. Join an Online Tour, Gig or Quiz

Just because we can’t go out in public anymore, it doesn’t mean we have to cut out everything we usually enjoy. Some of the world’s most famous museums, art galleries and national parks are offering free online virtual tours, whilst many singers are hosting online gigs from their own homes for all those who are missing the outside world. Many kid’s entertainers are also doing their bit to help keep your little ones happy.

There are also lots of quizzes you can join, just grab yourself a beer, hop on Zoom with your mates and it will almost feel as though you’re all in the pub together. If you can’t find any quizzes that tickle your fancy, why not host your own?

6. Learn a new Skill

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Everyone has said they will do it at some point, and now that point in time has come. You can do it the old fashioned way and pick up a book, or you can use apps like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone to help you start. Or maybe learning a new language isn’t on your to-do list, but there’s something else you want to learn? 

There are plenty of new skills you and your family can teach yourselves from home, such as learning how to bake yummy treats, perfecting a new recipe, taking online classes on how to draw, or even learning how to upcycle your old furniture (or for your kids, maybe your old milk cartons or tins?). 

7. Have a Movie Marathon

Although we wouldn’t recommend spending too much time in front of a screen if you can help it, sometimes we all need those precious few hours where we can sit, relax and not have to think about anything bar being immersed in a great film (or two, or three…).

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during these difficult times. If you have any other ideas to share, please feel free to comment below, or get in touch with our team at Made With Oak.