8 Ways to Make Your Home a Stress-Free Haven

8 Ways to Make Your Home a Stress-Free Haven


No one can deny that a certain amount of stress in everyday life is to be expected, especially in the fast-paced modern world that we live in today. Juggling family life, work, finances and our difficult relationship with technology can result in a lot of pressure and unwanted stress.

We return to our homes with the hope that all our worries will ebb away, but if your home is cluttered and disorganised, you may not get that sense of comfort that you desire. 

It is so important that your home is a haven where you can retreat to and relax at the end of a hectic day, so we’re sharing with you 8 ways to help create a stress-free home environment.

1. Brighten up your entry

Naturally, the entrance to your house is the first place to consider when you’re transforming you’re home into a stress-free haven. In feng shui, the Chinese practise which helps people align their energies with their surroundings, the front door is known as the “mouth of qi.”

The entry to your house requires careful attention as it represents the way energy enters your home, and thus your life. If you have potted plants outside your front door, try to keep them mirroring one another as symmetry creates a feeling of balance. And, most importantly, you should ensure that your hallway is well lit and bright, either by adding more lighting or incorporating colourful objects.

2. Clear the clutter

Being surrounded by piles of unnecessary possessions can feel overwhelming and can be the cause of quite a bit of stress. It is amazing what a difference clearing out all that stuff that has been weighing you down can make to your mood.

Be ruthless and clear your house of as many things as you feel you can let go of, all those objects that have built up in your home that no longer spark joy for you. All your unwanted items can either be recycled, donated to charity or sold on eBay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace to stop them from ending up in a landfill. 


3. Create your own happy space

Even if you live on your own, or the house is technically yours, it is always good to have your own room or maybe just a cosy corner in the home which you can designate as your very own ‘happy space.’

This happy space must be a place where you can comfortably sit alone, drink a good cup of tea, read a book or even have a nap. It may be in the conservatory, a dedicated yoga room or even just a comfy armchair that has a window overlooking the garden. In other words, you should have a personal relaxation zone where you are able to be alone with your thoughts for a short while.


4. Organise a landing place for your things

Are you always forgetting where you put stuff? Or are you tired of your partner or kids constantly losing the house keys? Misplacing things can be the cause of a lot of frustration, so to eliminate this unnecessary stress, you should allocate a specific ‘landing place’ for your things.

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For example, by putting a small console table in your hallway with a bowl to put your keys in as soon as you get through the door, no one will have an excuse to leave them lying around somewhere where they can get lost. Some other organisational items that you can incorporate into your home are things like hooks for your hats and sunglasses, a hi-fi unit for all your techy equipment and a blanket box for your spare bedding and towels.

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5. Bring in energy with plants

From a literal point of view, by incorporating plants into your home decor, you will actually help purify the interior air of your home. But just the presence of plants and flowers in your home will have a positive influence on your mood as they bring the outdoors in and remind us of a more natural and simpler way of living.

Especially in a world flooded with technology, having plants in our homes can bring a sense of mindfulness and being grounded to our lives.

Check out our previous blog ‘3 Ways House Plants Can Help to Reduce Anxiety’ if you’re interested in reading up on more benefits of having an indoor garden. 


6. Enhance your room with natural scents

A homemade linen spray, scented soy (or beeswax) candles, and essential oil diffusers are all great natural and chemical-free ways of enhancing your room with fresh scents. 

By having your chosen scent run through your home can not only be calming when you want to relax but also invigorating when it’s time to wake up and get going depending on what scent you choose to spray or diffuse.

Lavender, frankincense, roman chamomile, and sandalwood all help to ease anxiety and can help you sleep. But, if you wish to perk yourself up and increase your energy, switch to citrus and peppermint scents.

8 Ways to Make Your Home a Stress-Free Haven


7. Make the most of natural lighting

If your home is dark and gloomy, then your mood is likely to get dampened too. Getting enough sunlight is an incredibly important and sometimes overlooked factor in mental health.

If your home is bright and airy then it will act as a breath of fresh air on your life and encourage positive vibes. You can make the most of the natural lighting that you already have in your home simply by avoiding blocking the light from windows with items of furniture, always having your curtains and windows open when and where you can in the day and by considering using light bulbs that emulate daylight where there is no way of getting the sun to shine into your home. 


8. Invest in a comforting place to sleep

From the moment you walk through your front door, to the moment you place your head on the pillow, you want to feel a sense of relaxation and zen.

As far as ultimate relaxation and restoration go, no one can ignore the importance of a comfortable bed. It is a mandatory item that you simply cannot do without. As everybody knows, having good quality deep sleep is imperative to our physical and mental wellbeing. As the bedroom is usually the key room of a zen interior, here are some extra recommendations:

8 Ways to Make Your Home a Stress-Free Haven
  • Place the bed close to a source of natural light 
  • Pick a bed frame made out of natural materials and neutral colours
  • Avoid placing it in line with the door or a passage area
  • The higher the bed is, the more the sensation of comfort is accentuated
  • Nightstands are very useful and a nice feature of décor 
  • And, lastly, don’t forget to make your bed in the morning! 

Let us know if you plan to incorporate any of these ideas into your home to make it a place of relaxation. Or, if you know of some other hacks that can help make a home a stress-free zone, then share them with us by commenting on our Facebook post or by getting in touch.