Mrs Hinch’s Top Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know About

Cleaning has become one of the biggest social media trends of 2019. Once a mundane task which many would put off, keeping the home ship shape is now a popular hobby for many. Picking up a mop, cloth, hoover or duster has helped people to reduce anxiety, as well as increasing motivation in other areas of their daily lives. 

Plus, cleaning can be fun! This is a belief that Instagram sensation, Mrs Hinch, is hoping to share with the world by giving funny nicknames to her favourite products and sharing useful cleaning hacks.

Mrs Hinch, aka 29-year-old Sophie Hinchcliffe from Essex, began sharing pictures of her spotless home along with her cleaning routines on Instagram when her number of followers skyrocketed from a few thousand to a staggering 1.8 million over a six-month period. 

Image credit: Hello Magazine

The #Hincharmy was born. Her dedicated following regularly share their own achievements inspired by Mrs Hinch’s favourite products (#Hinchhauls) and cleaning methods (#Hinchhacks).

Here are Mrs Hinch’s top cleaning hacks that you need to know about to keep your home sparkling clean.

1. Using fabric conditioner to clean doors

When Sophie appeared on This Morning and revealed fabric conditioner enables her to wipe down marks on doors without damaging the paintwork, her fans were thrilled! All you have to do is add your favourite fabric conditioner to hot water and use a Minky MCloth, or “Minkeh” as Mrs Hinch calls it, to gently wipe off any marks on your doors.

Required products:

Lenor spring awakening fabric conditioner – £2.50, Tesco

Minky MCloth antibacterial cleaning pad – £2.90, Amazon (often sold out)

2. Keep your bin smelling pine fresh

Mrs Hinch has a great hack to not only clean your bin but also keep it smelling fresh for longer. To begin, use a spray disinfectant to spray inside and outside of the bin and leave for a few minutes before hosing it all away. Then, scrub the bin with a Dishmatic sponge full of washing up liquid before hosing the suds off. To finish off, for that long-lasting fresh smell, Mrs Hinch recommends dousing a piece of kitchen roll in pine smelling Zoflora disinfectant, folding it up and placing it in the bottom of the bin before putting your bin bag on top.

Required products:

Zoflora odour remover and disinfectant – £3.99, B&M Bargains

Zoflora disinfectant – pine – £2.85, Sainsbury’s

Dishmatic sponge – £4.59 for a pack of 3, Amazon

3. The perfect way to clean your washing machine

To ensure your laundry comes out of your washing machine as clean as it can be, Mrs Hinch has come up with a few steps to perfectly clean your washing machine. Begin by sliding the top drawer out completely and use Flash bathroom spray to wipe clean the draw. Then, squirt limescale remover into the empty gap where the drawer was and leave for a few minutes before wiping down. Finally, to clean the rubber rim of the washing machine, use more bathroom spray and an electric toothbrush to thoroughly rid it of any dirt before wiping it clean with a cloth.

Required products:

Flash bathroom cleaner spray – £1, Sainsbury’s

Viakal limescale remover – £3.20, Sainsbury’s

Electric toothbrush – £7.20, Waitrose and Partners

4. Make your sink sparkle

“My thing is the kitchen sink. The Hinch Army loves a shiny sink.”

Sophie has conjured up a seven-step method to keep the grime in her sinks and plugholes at bay. She suggests to start by pouring a cup full of Soda Crystals down the plughole with a cup of white vinegar and a cup of Zoflora disinfectant. This mixture should start fizzing away. As the concoction works its magic, apply a good amount of Pink Stuff onto the stainless steel basin, rubbing it in with a Minky pad before wiping it off. Once this step is complete, pour a kettle full of boiling hot water down the plug to wash away all the products. Spray the sink with Stardrops’ white vinegar spray. Leave this on for 10 minutes before wiping away, and then you should be left with a sparkling sink that will be the envy of all your friends.

Required products:

Dri Pak Soda Crystals – £5.90 for a pack of 2, Amazon

Zoflora disinfectant – £2.85, Sainsbury’s

Minky MCloth anti-bacterial cleaning pad – £2.90, Amazon (often sold out)

Pink Stuff cleaning paste – £2.98, Amazon

White vinegar – available in any supermarket

Stardrops white vinegar spray – £1.45, Online Pound Store

5. Removing tough stains from the hob

To remove pesky stains from your hob, Mrs Hinch recommends using Pink Stuff and a cloth. To achieve the best results, apply generous amounts of Pink Stuff to your hob, leave for a few minutes then rinse with a wet cloth and ta-da, you should have a stain-free, shiny hob. For burnt-on or older stains, simply keep the cleaning paste on for longer (around 30 minutes) and the tough grime should wipe off with ease.

Required products:

Pink Stuff cleaning paste – £2.98, Amazon

Scourer – available in any supermarket

Let us know if our list of Mrs Hinch’s top cleaning hacks have inspired you to pull up your rubber gloves and get cleaning in your own abode!