Thinking of Redecorating Your Kitchen? Here’s 7 Trends for 2019 and Beyond

When the home’s feeling and looking a little drab, often the biggest change you can make is to the kitchen. The most used, functional room in the home.

Often referred to as ‘the heart of the home’, a kitchen renovation really can make all the difference.

If you’re considering tackling a makeover in this room, you’ll probably want to make sure it says on trend for years to come.  So, there’s certainly some interesting points to take from some of Britain’s top interior decorators and kitchen designers.

To help you, we’ve rounded up 7 of the top kitchen design trends for 2019 and beyond.

1. Open shelving

Gone are the times when you needed to cover your walls with cabinets, stocked full of dishes, cups and saucers. Now, open plan living is meeting open plan shelving…

A shift away from cabinets and cupboards means more people are opting for an ‘open’ way of storing their kitchenware.

Image Credit: House Beautiful

This is taking many forms, from glass and metallic shelves to multifunctional shelves over kitchen islands or sinks.

Whether you want to invest in shelving that has a dramatic effect on your overall design or just need to incorporate it for storage requirements, it’s set to be a trend that isn’t going away any time soon.

2. Increased use of solid woods

Real woods that is – not wood effect vinyl flooring. Stone tiles with solid wood cabinetry, worktops, wood dining tables or even timber stools under a breakfast bar are on trend this year.

Timbers are a timeless way to add character to any room and 2019 is seeing a comeback of real wood being used in decorative ways around the kitchen.

It’s a time-tested design that’s not going to go out of fashion anytime soon. Bring a touch of nature and traditional class to your kitchen with solid oak furniture like our signature grey dining table.


3. Colour co-ordinated cabinets and appliances

Colour is making a big comeback to kitchen design with bold hues like petrol blue and forest green leading the way.

People are moving away from ‘safe’ traditional beiges and magnolias to more impactful colours which can completely transform a space.

Metallic appliances are then used to really set off the colours and add a contrast to the bold, eye-catching shades. Rose gold is a particularly popular metallic colour this year, as featured on our Dijon Blue Kitchen Island, now just £599.

4. Concealed storage and appliances

When appliances aren’t being brought into the design, they’re being concealed using feature rich integration.

Integrated appliances are nothing new. They’ve been used for years and there’s more clever designs around in 2019 that make kitchens appear to be like a living space rather than a traditional kitchen.

By concealing appliances and other kitchen items, you can introduce additional furniture like a sofa or dining table to create a multi-functional family space.

5. Leather and wood combinations

The trend on organic continues to gain momentum in 2019. Handles on kitchen cabinetry and drawers are being swapped for stylish leather, held in place with shiny gold screws.

This ads a touch of flair to the overall aesthetic and makes the leather really pop. If it’s not leather handles on wooden cabinetry and drawers, it’s lush leather cushioned seating atop dining chairs or stools beneath a breakfast bar.

Another thing you’ll notice is a wide range of colours in leather, so not just standard blacks and browns. This is complimented by a trend that’s replacing the all-white kitchen, in favour of natural colours, be it stone, wood or marble.

6. Fluted Cabinetry Glazing

Fluted glazing has a superb allure to it in the right kitchen setting. Rather than traditional glazing on display cabinets that would otherwise serve the purpose of highlighting your finest glassware, fluted glass serves the better design function of bouncing light around the kitchen.

Used in combination with the latest in kitchen lighting trends, it really does add impact…

7. Brass pendants replacing spotlights

Kitchen lighting is imperative both for function and adding that homely feel to the room. Functional spotlights are being phased out and replaced by stylish and dramatic light pendants, sometimes suspended at great length to just above head height above kitchen islands.

Brass and gold pendants with clear domes give off a tremendous amount of light. Enough so that’s there’s no directional input needed. When paired with fluted glass on cabinets, the kitchen radiates with luminance.