7 Smart Bedroom Storage Ideas to Keep Your Room Clutter Free

For those without the luxury of a master bedroom with walk-in wardrobes, integrated furniture and plenty of space to store things, it can be challenging to keep the clutter to a minimum.

To help you get the most from even the tiniest of bedrooms, here’s a few storage tips that’ll give you dedicated space for everything you need to put away.

1. Under the bed Storage

Not all beds are designed with storage in mind. The traditional divan with either two or four drawers is ideal for storing linen, fresh towels or bedding. This then leaves your room free to store other items.

If your bed doesn’t have in-built drawers, make the most of the space underneath using vacuum storage bags or boxes to keep your summer duvet, or even last season’s clothes to free up your wardrobe.

2. Use Creative Hanging Techniques in Your Wardrobe

If you’d class yourself as a bit of a hoarder and just can’t bring yourself to throw out those dresses you never wear, vertical hangers could be perfect for you.

With an average sized wardrobe and a chain, you can make a vertical hanging system to really maximise the space. Or, if you’re not into DIY, just buy yourself some vertical hangers to hang multiple items on. Simple!

3. Hide a Stackable Drawer Unit Inside Your Wardrobe

Stackable storage containers are available in various sizes, shapes and colours. While they don’t look too appealing sitting in a corner of your bedroom, they can be tucked inside a wardrobe.

Storage containers could easily be used to keep your belts, accessories or dress shoes that are only worn occasionally. Not to mention, books, school material, and even electronics such as laptops, e-readers and MP4 players instead of having them left on the floor beside the bed.


4. Bedside table storage

Bedside tables needn’t be a vintage chair or a stool with no storage compartments. You can find beautiful solid wood bedside cabinets with a few drawers offering plenty of storage. Plus,  you’ll have space on top for your alarm clock, a vase of flowers and a coaster to sit your morning cuppa on.

5. Be Selective with Your Choice of Wardrobes

Wardrobes can be freestanding and depending on the room design, they can be built into alcoves, or if you have a walk-in cupboard, a simple hanging rail can give you a walk-in wardrobe.

To make the most of this storage space, look for designs that offer plenty of hanging space and some shelves for larger items. You can get even more space with a triple wardrobe like our French Solid Oak wardrobe which comes with a couple of integrated drawers too.

6. Be Smart with Shelving Systems

For shelves in the bedroom, think outside the box and put them higher. As high as 10 to 12 inches from the ceiling if need be to store your rarely used items.

Use storage boxes or wicker baskets for all your bits and bobs and perhaps a couple of trailing ceiling plants just to add a touch of style.

You’ll find it takes up less space storing a foldable set of steps to reach your high shelves than it does to store everything in boxes on the floor.

7. Use drawer organisers to find things easily

Drawer organisers aren’t just for the ‘everything’ drawer in the kitchen! They can be used in your dressing table to organise beauty products, hair straighteners and brushes. Or, try them in your bedside cabinet to organise all the bits and bobs that tend to take over the surface!

Medications, books, charger cables, perhaps even a charger for your electric toothbrush. With the help of drawer organisers, you can fit in a lot more than you’d imagine!