Get Your Home Ready for Spring With These 6 Tips

The weather may still have a cool winter feel to it but there are definite signs that Spring is on its way; Daffodils are blooming, days are getting longer and the temperature is warming.

Spring is a great time to make those all important improvements and changes to our homes. It’s often surprising how much of an impact a good old clean can have on our homes as well as our minds. Whether you just plan on a simple clean or a complete overhaul, once finished, your house will feel like a breath of fresh air, ready for the year ahead.

To help inspire you and get your home ready for Spring, we’ve rounded up the following 6 tips.


1. Clear the gutters

Ok, we’ll begin with the least appealing task and get it out of the way. Following autumn and winter, gutters tend to need a little TLC before those infamous April Showers. The longer you leave this job, the more problematic your gutters will become so it’s important to stay on top of it.

If this is something you’d rather not do yourself, there are plenty of professionals who you can hire to take the hassle away. For those of you that plan on getting your hands dirty with this task, most debris, such as leaves and twigs can be scooped out by hand or with a leaf blower. If there are any tell-tale signs of damage, however, it’s probably worth seeking professional advice.


2. Wash your windows

Ok, now onto the slightly easier jobs like cleaning the windows. With more sunlight, you’ll no doubt want to throw back the curtains and make the most of it in Spring. So, start by cleaning the marks and grime that build up over the winter months.

Get to it with a sponge or squeegee, window cleaner spray and dry cloths. If you’d prefer not to use a window cleaner then vinegar can be just as effective. Take an empty spray bottle and pour in a mixture of warm water and vinegar. With a bit of added elbow grease, your windows will look good as new in no time.

3. Refresh your bedding

We’re not talking about changing the sheets here. Use Spring as an opportunity to invest in new pillows, duvets, cushions and sheets. It’s amazing how much of a positive impact this can have on your sleep. Never neglect the importance of your bed, after all, you spend a lot of your life in it.

While you’re changing your duvets and pillows, consider swapping out any chunky blankets for lighter throws in preparation for the warmer months.


4. Change up your scents

The days of Christmassy gingerbread candles and cinnamon air fresheners are behind us as we approach Spring. So, how do you ring in the warmer months with scents? Consider the aromas you associate most with Spring. Cherry Blossom, Lavender and Fresh Linen are popular for this time of year.

If you’re not a fan of air fresheners, why not make your own using more natural ingredients like essential oils? Here’s a handy article with some top tips on ingredients.

5. Bring the outdoors in

As we approach spring, an array of beautiful blooms start to come into season. Make the most of this and freshen up your interiors with vases of flowers. They brighten any room and, depending on the variety you choose, can bring beautiful aromas into the home.

If you’re not a fan of flowers or suffer from allergies, why not opt for house plants instead? The variety available nowadays is impressive, whether you’re a fan of big, bold leaves or delicate spider plants. Many are easy to care for too, just be sure to position your plant well so it gets the sunlight it needs.

6. Have a move around

If you’re a little bored of a certain room, why not play around with your furniture arrangement? It can make a surprising impact and completely change the vibe of a space. Take your bedroom, for example. If you’ve had the same layout for years, a move around will freshen up the room and could even have a positive effect on your sleep.

A move around also gives you a great excuse to hoover and dust those places that are usually hard to reach. If you have the space, play around with a few different arrangements until it feels and looks great. To help, here’s a link to our recent article on how to arrange furniture like a pro.


To sum up

Spring cleaning doesn’t just impact the way your home looks, it can also have surprising health benefits. A fresh home can help improve your breathing, especially if you are prone to allergies or asthma. It can also help your overall mood and stress levels. As the saying goes, ‘a tidy home, a tidy mind.’